Del Molino de Cortes

Low Calorie Dressings

This is a 30 years in the market brand committed to health. With dominion in the category of Low calorie Dressings in Mexico, it is a brand highly recommended by nutritionists in Mexico. We have the 0-30 system that handles dressings from zero calories up to 30 calories per serving.

Our Flavors:  Cilantro Ranch low calorie, Cilantro low calorie, Cilantro Cero no calories, Italian Cero no calories, Italian low calorie, Yellow Mustard low calorie, Blue Cheese low calorie, Thousand Islands low calorie, Cesar's low calorie, and many more.

Some of Our Products

Cilantro Ranch
Low Calorie Dressing

Yellow Mustard
Low Calorie Dressing

Italian Cero

Zero Calorie Dressing

Cilantro Cero
Zero Calorie Dressing

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